Free Outdoor Cinema at SALT: Omar

Av 13. aug 2020

Welcome to a free utdoor screening at SALT August 14! Watch the Palestinian film Omar, directed by Hany Abu-Assad, on the big screen in the warm summer night. 

Doors open 20.45
Screening starts 21.45
Duration: 98 min
Age limit: 18 år
Arabic, English subtitles.
Free entrance, maximum capacity is 200 ppl. 

Secure your ticket in advance here.

Please arrive early, the screening starts on time. Food and drinks can be purchased at SALT. 

About Omar

From the director of Paradise Now (2005) comes an intense thriller about violence, friendship and occupation in the West Bank. Frustrated about the daily humiliation from the Israeli, Omar decides with his friends Tareq and Amjad to do something about it. They kill an Israeli soldier. Not because it helps their political struggle, but to show that they do not accept the suppression they live in. Omar is caught and arrested in the act, and has to choose between denouncing his friends or being tortured and detained. He tells the Israelis that he will help them, and to his friends that he is planning an ambush on the Israelis. What follows is a thriller in which Omar is faced with impossible dilemmas. Will he betray his friends to live? And can he give up the political fight for love?

Omar is a Romeo and Juliet tale under occupation, a psychological drama about a young man’s fight for dignity in life, and an intimate coming-of-age drama in which the lives of three friends are changed forever. The director does neither judge nor hail the characters for their actions. He simply shows that the hard choices for young Palestinians are not matters of principles, but harsh realities that they have to confront in their everyday lives, sometimes with tragic consequences.